Longitudinal Tube Connection

To manufacture a tube, a metal sheet is shaped into a cylinder and its seam is welded or clamped together. The welded seam is either laser welded or bead welded, ensuring a continual joint which provides a totally sealed tube. Clamped connections provide excellent sealing, however this is not 100% guaranteed in the case of powders and fine particles.



 Plug-In Connection


The plug-in connection of two tubes involves one tube entering another in the traditional male-female manner; one part having a diameter slightly larger than the other, which allows the other end-to-end connection to enter into it, with minimum play in order to reduce leaks or pressure losses.

  Connection Flange - Pull-Ring One-Part 

The assembly system for modular tubing (MULTIFORM and KMH) is both simple and rapid. Place the connection flange or pull-ring one-part so that it embraces the flange of one of the parts to be connected, the next part is positioned, with its flange inside the pull-ring one-part, embracing both flanges entirely before finally bolting tight.
There are variations on this basic design with double bolts or with quick closing devices.
A second variation is airtight modular tubing. In this case the seal is placed over the flange of the parts to be connected after placing the other in position and of the pull-ring one-part.

A connection using "MULTIFORM" system tubes



A connection of segments using a rubber seal



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