Portable Flanging Machine

Portable Flanging Machine

A manually-operated machine which is made entirely by ROS. This equipment is essential for the easy, on-site assembly of installations and conduits manufactured using the MULTIFORM system. 

Its central body of cast iron, with steel axles, pinions and rolling cutters lend this machine a robust appearance and guarantee excellent durability with simple, easy handling.
The machine is supplied with one set of rolling cutters to make flanges and another for making beads. The blade sets are easily interchangeable.
The machine may be attached easily to any work bench, wooden table, etc. and requires practically no maintenance other than periodical lubrication.
Pol. Ind. Pla de Poliger, Sector Nord - Sau 1 -
17854 SANT JAUME DE LLIERCA (Girona) SPAIN - Tel. +34 972 26 14 67

Distributed by: Micrologic, S.L.U.

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