ROS,  always improving 


Acquisition of the division of SCHÜTZ IBERICA S.L., manufacturer of double-wall stainless tubing for flue systems.

From 1 July 2017 the new factory chimney pipe is integrated into the brand ROS acquiring the name ROS CHIMNEYS, S.L.U.


This incorporation is profitable because METALÚRGICA ROS, S.A.U. makes a change of business name, renaming ROS DUCTING S.L.U.



A very special year for ROS, our 150th company anniversary.



Begins to manufacture laser-welded pipes in diameters 450 to 1200 mm, replacing the lock-formed system where required.



Consolidation of international sales with the execution of large projects in countries such as India, Chile, Turkey, United States, etc.



Eduard Ros Vilanova, the Managing Director's son, Manel Ros, joins as Industrial Engineer.



Marketing of the two-parts Hybrid pull-rings for sealing-rings designed and manufactured entirely by ROS. 



Growth of ROS "MULTIFORM" system tube sales throughout Europe and in other markets abroad.

Introduction of the KMH 50 mm diameter pipe for pneumatic transport.


Exclusive bilateral commercial agreement with a German company, KMH. With this we widely increase our product range in 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm. thickness in diameters from 80mm to 630mm in stainless-steel, galvanized and powder coated materials. 



ROS begins manufacturing laser-welded pipes in diameters from 80mm to 400 mm replacing the lock-formed profile.


Marketing of clamping-rings for profiled gaskets in EPDM (Keltan), SI (Silikon), NBR (Perbunan), FPM (Viton) for facilities that require sealing properties. 

Inaguration of the 12.000 mnew factory in Sant Jaume de Llierca.


Introduction of stainless steel pipes and accessories for domestic and industrial applications. 



Creation of new machinery to replace most manual operations. 


Manel Ros Serrat, the current Managing Director, joins the team. 


First national manufacturer of vitrified pipes and accessories for stoves. 


Opening of the 3.000 mnew plant in Olot.



Birth of the "MULTIFORM" industrial pipe system. A patented connecting system that replaces the traditional male-female joint with a clamping ring. 


Construction of new machinery necessary for production of the future "MULTIFORM" pipe system. 


First Spanish manufacturer of pipes and accessories for stoves. 


His son, Pedro Ros Vilanova, restarts the company's activities once Spanish Civil War ends, increasing client portofolio and the product range. 


Pedro Ros Darné, the founder's son, joins the company leading it until his death during the Spanish Civil War. 


Metalúrgica Ros was founded in Sant Joan les Fonts by Francisco Ros Alsina. He begins manufacture of polished steel accessories for stoves.





















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