How to use concentric piping for a passive house?

What is a passive house?
It is a type of building based on the Passivhaus standard, a construction concept that emerged in the 1990s in Germany, and which allows a certification of the same name to be obtained.
These constructions (they can be houses, workplaces, second homes...) take advantage of the climatic conditions of their environment to have low heating and cooling needs, as well as low energy consumption, both in summer and winter.
The Passivhaus standard is based on 5 basic principles:
- Thermal insulation: to insulate the house from the outside, i.e. to prevent heat from escaping in winter and heat from entering in summer.
- Airtightness: all doors and windows must ensure that the building is airtight, preventing heat loss in winter and cold in summer.
- Eliminate thermal bridges: these are weak points in the structure through which the interior comfort temperature is lost. 
- Quality doors and windows: use triple glazing, low transmittance, and correct installation, as well as a good orientation so that the building is heated in winter and there is solar control in summer.
- Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery: allows ventilation by recovering up to 90% of the energy that is inside the building, without the need to open the windows to ventilate. 
How to use our concentric piping?
Due to the above-mentioned principles, the air intake of heating appliances cannot be carried out within the same room. The concentric piping is a solution to this problem, which has the following advantages: 
- A single element contains the flue pipe and the air intake pipe.
- It guarantees the airtightness of the installation.
- As the two air flows pass through the same installation, it is only necessary to make a hole in the wall/roofing/ceiling.
- This solution is more aesthetically pleasing.
- With this type of pipe, a balanced installation can be achieved. This means that the air inlet point for combustion is adjacent to the flue outlet point, so that the wind effects are balanced.
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How to use concentric piping for a passive house?
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