ATEX Solutions

ATEX is an abbreviation of the term ATmosphere EXplosive.
It refers to any atmospheric conditions likely to cause an explosion and which may be dangerous for the health and safety of workers.
Explosive atmospheres are considered to be those of air mixed with gases, vapours, mists and combustible powders at pressures from 0.8 to 1.1 bars, and with temperatures between -20 ºC and 60 ºC, which may propagate.
These conditions are regulated by European regulation 94/9/CE (ATEX 95 100a), which is transcribed in Spain through Royal Decree 400/1.996 and regulation 1.999/92/CE (ATEX 137 118a), which is transcribed in Spain through Royal Decree 681/2.003.
These conditions are affected by electrical and mechanical parts in installations. As a general rule, as conduits do not create sparks and are connected to the earth point of any building, only switch-operated valves which are installed in areas with explosive atmospheres require the ATEX certificate.

ATEX switches are classified for indoor and outdoor use in accordance with the nomenclature of the table, with respect to the type of atmosphere in which they work.


I - Mines
II- Earth Surface
1 - High possibility
2 - Average possibility
3 - Low possibility
20 (dust) 1D
21 (dust) 2D
22 (dust) 3D



 ICS Solutions
I.C.S. stands for Inside Coated System; these coverings are used to improve abrasion resistance in some parts, normally those which are more prone to wear, such as bends, junctions and valves.
There are various solutions, from anti-wear paints, which are re-fired with a glaze type paint, Teflon coats (PTFE and Hallar), plastic finishes (eg: Rhino Hyde) or ceramic finishes (eg: Kalenborn).
The main characteristics of ICS components are chemical resistance to corrosion, low, constant dielectric stability (temperature and frequency), low combustion, excellent resistance to impact and a high stability in mechanical force.
This is system is that best-suited for smoke and gas extraction from combustion in clean rooms, especially in the chemical, pharmaceutical, medical and industrial sectors (semi-conductors, micro-electronics, solar-energy cells, etc.) It provides excellent protection against carbon monoxide, oxygen and chlorohydric and hydrochloric acids.
The connection systems for tubes, bends, junctions, valves (gates) and other accessories are flanges or ICS pull-ring one-part which are easy to use, high performance parts, which reduce assembly costs, increase modular assembly while adapting to the special technical requirements of each installation.
Manufactured by KMH, this system has been certified and tested according to US-Security Standard FM 4922 and FM Approvals 3028980.



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